Hey, it’s me.  So nice to be back, it has been too long.  Although I have held up my New Year’s resolution, for the most part of baking/cooking something new each day, I clearly have not been keeping my blog up-to-date.  And.  I am afraid to inform you that for 31 days I will be taking a break from my resolution and turning my focus to a different challenge.

photo (65)Recently, I have been reading this book, Seven, thanks to a good friend who encouraged me to read it.  It’s all about getting rid of excess; specifically, in seven different areas the author chooses.  The first chapter is food.

Right.  Like, the center of my imaginary, “I’m-a-Food-Network-Star-life.”

Anyways, the author goes on a seven food fast, she only eats seven specific foods that she has picked for 31 days.  Like I said, the whole goal is to eliminate things that you just do not need.  I instantly felt a need to do this fast.  I am in need of needing more of the Lord and less of things, less of me, less of food, less of possessions, less of this world.  So, I’m challenging myself and doing this fast.  I’m not doing it to go on a diet, I’m not doing it to “eat healthy”, I’m not doing it to fulfill the need of “always wanting to be doing something” (as I have already been accused… cough, cough Allison).  I am simply doing this hoping and praying that the Lord will turn a heart that is hungry for Him into a heart that is full.  I do not anticipate that this will be easy, but that is the whole point.  I am radically changing one area of my life so that I can be challenged; and, so that I can be reminded daily, multiple times at that, to seek Him when I feel the need for excess.

So, I’m sure you are all just dying to know what my 7 foods are… Well, here you go:

– Chicken

– Sweet potatoes

– Quinoa

– Greek yogurt

– Apples

– Leafy Greens

– Homemade bread

And, obviously I’ll be staying hydrated with water and 100% (no sugar added) fruit juices.

I’ve never done a fast before, not like this.  But, I figure if I seek less of my world and look more to His, then He will show me something.  I’m not looking for an answer to anything or some big testimony to share with people, I’m just looking for Jesus.

Pray for me friends, I start tomorrow 🙂