Day 49&50

Yesterday’s recipe made me sad.  The picture of the baked confection on the blog was so pretty and it looked so yummy and just had great potential; but, it wasn’t so yummy.  It was Cinnamon Braid Bread.

this is the fancy picture from the original blog.

this is the fancy picture from the original blog.

Honestly, I thought the hard part would be getting the bread to look like that.  That wasn’t hard, the blogger provides good step-by-step pics to achieve this pretty braid.  However, the flavor was lacking.  I know I am from the South and people down here use way too much butter (and normally I am all for cutting down/out the fat);  but y’all.  This bread needs alotta butter.  I think it calls for 1/2 of a stick and I told my mom next time I was using a whole stick of butter, adding brown sugar, and using less cinnamon.  Don’t judge me.

Now for today’s recipe.  First off, today I was feeling pretty sick.  Like did not want to bake.  I figured my blogger friends would understand if I took the day off, so I didn’t sweat it too much.

Then.  This evening, around 8 pm, I was on the phone with my boy friend, MM.  He asks, “what’d you cook today?”  I proceeded to explain that I did not feel well and did not make anything.  His response, “so you’re breaking your resolution?”

gosh.  when you guilt-trip me like that I guess I have to fix something.

Double Chocolate Brownies:

Happy, MM?

Happy, MM?

They were pretttttty scrumptious.  I will share with my school friends tomorrow 🙂


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