Day 42: Asian Glazed Chicken

Although I am behind on blogging, I assure you I am not behind on my cooking and baking resolution.  I sort of got out of my routine, this past weekend, of documenting my food and blogging.  It was not exactly at the top of my priority list, as I was in New Mexico visiting my man.



We made some Jalapeno Cracker things one night… they weren’t too good.

photo (43)


And homemade pancakes were another day… they were much better than the crackers.

gotta love a good pancake.

gotta love a good pancake.

Sooooo, I’m trying to think of everything I have cooked.  That’s just a lot to remember; which is why I should blog each night.  Whoops.

Oh, yesterday I made Skinny Taste Baked Jalapeno Popper Chicken (I’m real into the jalapenos here lately).  It was quite scrumptious, I must say.  Today was another Skinny Taste recipe (i.e., Asian Glazed Chicken).  It was super yummy, but kind of salty.  Naturally, because of the soy sauce.  Next time I will definitely use low-sodium SS.  Oh, and I used chicken breasts and the flavor was good.  The author mentioned that they become dry easily if you use the breasts; but, she has directions in the beginning narrative portion of the blog for those of us who prefer to use white meat.

I am so excited to bake sweet stuff tomorrow!  It’ll be the day before Valentine’s Day & I am going to make fun, sweet treats for my speech kiddos at school.  I really want to decorate a shoe box for my Valentines (that I am sure I will not get because no one gives the speech teacher Valentine’s), is that too much?  Elementary school fun is getting to me; it’s contagious.

Okay, I don’t know what I have rambled on about, but that’s all for tonight.  I hope you have a fabulous evening my friends!


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