Day 29: Crispy Chicken Salad Wraps

I have to test 365 recipes this year.  So, pretty much any recipe that I may have normally been like, “well that looks good but not good enough to make,” has changed to, “I have to test over 300 recipes, so why not?”  Which, honestly is kind of fun.  It feels pretty limitless & my mother loves it.  She basically gets supper made for her every night.  Tonight was one of those nights when I was thinking, “why did I chose this recipe at the beginning of the week… It doesn’t look like scrumptious or anything.”

And, of course, it was.

There were a couple changes I made to the recipe:

1.  I used plain Greek yogurt to save the calories and fat instead mayo (tasted delicious).

2. I chopped up the center stem part of Romaine lettuce leaves because I didn’t have celery (missed that on my grocery list).

3.  I used Sriracha as the hot sauce.

Anywho, this is a great recipe & can be made low-cal/fat which is always a plus 🙂


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