Day 20: Simply Delicious All-Purpose Yellow Cake

Yellow cake is classic; particularly with chocolate frosting, but in any fashion really, it’s delicious.  Therefore, when I found a recipe for classic yellow cake I decided I would give it a try.  I know it’s nothing crazy or out of the box (well I mean that’s kind of the point… that it isn’t out of the box), which makes it unique.  The order of mixing ingredients was a little different than I had seen before in cake batter recipes, it was more like how you would prepare cookie dough, but in the end it came together as a cake batter.

A couple things I would do differently when baking cupcakes next time is:  a) Cook the cake batter for about 3-4 minutes longer than the directions state; b)   Don’t over-beat the cake batter.  You’ll want to be sure and make sure the cake batter is smooth, but don’t like beat it on high or anything crazy.  This will help the cake to be lighter & fluffier.

Sprinkles make everything better.
(obv I added some frosting....)

(obv I added some chocolate frosting to my cupcakes….)

Overall, this recipe was pretty good.  I think I cooked the little cakes too long because they were a little dry… Next time I might add some sour cream or something to moisten them a bit.

Here is the link for your baking pleasure:

Simple Delicious All-Purpose Yellow Cake

Enjoy, friends!


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