The Red Bowl.

Every tasty confection my mom or dad ever made was prepared in our red Pyrex mixing bowl.  Hundreds of batches of rice krispie treats and fudge, Granny’s brownies and yummy cream cheese frosting have been so carefully hand-crafted in that bowl.  It has been washed, re-rewashed, microwaved, and washed again, so much in fact that the infamous bowl has completely lost its red hue.

I have always wanted to be a good baker.  My ultimate goal in life was to make cream cheese frosting as good as my dad.  Every birthday he pulled out the red bowl, a box cake-mix, the hand-mixer, and all the ingredients to make that perfect, nom-y, cream-cheesey bowl of heaven.  And, “I call the bowl!!!”

This Christmas my parents got me my very own red Pyrex mixing bowl.  :).  I can only hope that my red bowl brings as many delicious birthday cakes, smiles,  rice krispie treats, laughter, and whatever else my little bake-till-I-drop heart desires as my parent’s did.

Happy baking!

Girl Gone Nom


One thought on “The Red Bowl.

  1. Oh the memories of the red bowl. I remember dad drawing a line down the middle with his finger to divide the remains of the batter between me and Steph…and then YOU came along and it turned into a third. And you wonder why I was so bitter toward you the first decade of your life? Love you!

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